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Flight Status


Flight Status is a way in which people are able to track a flight to its destination.

Most airlines in South Africa and around the world offer its passengers and other people to be able to check the Flight Status of a particular flight. Whether you are a passenger to a flight or whether you are simply dropping someone off, you can check the latest departure and arrival times of your flight. The Flight Status refreshes every 5 minutes so you are able to have the most recent and up to date information regarding a particular flight. If it so happens that the results for the Flight Status is delayed, you are able to then view the most recent and up to dare departure time that will appear below the “scheduled departure” and “scheduled arrival” heading.

In order to determine the Flight Status of a particular flight, you will have to provide the following information:

  • The airline of the particular flight
  • The flight number
  • The departure date of the flight

FlightStats is an online data service company that focuses on commercial aviation. They are the leading provider of real-time global flight data. They track commercial passenger flights all over the world including flights operating in Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa. Their coverage varies from continent to continent.

FlightStats uses the US Federal Aviation (FAA) Administration Aircraft Situation Display to determine the Flight Status of a particular aircraft. Before taking off, the pilots on the flight provide air traffic control with information such as:

  • The expected departure time
  • The particular route
  • The estimated time of arrival

Once the flight departs, the FAA published the above information regarding the postion, altitude and speed of the flight as well estimates on arrival times. For security reasons, the information that is published is delayed for 5 minutes.

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