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Manage Flight Booking


It is a good thing to be well prepared before you travel. To Manage Flight Booking can be a good and helpful way in which you can review your travel schedule, make or change requests and add specific services.

The following can be done when you Manage Flight Booking:

  • You can even add your flight details to your calendar that will enable you to manage when your flight is due and at what time so you won’t forget about it or be late
  • You are able to add an extra
  • You are able to pay for your flight booking
  • You can use it to check-in before your flight
  • By using Manage Flight Booking option, you are enabled to conveniently manage your flight booking online by allowing passenger to:
  • Choose their seat during the flight
  • Select their meals
  • Modify their booking class
  • Change their destination

Manage Flight Booking provides passengers with the reassurance regarding their flight booking as passengers are able to view their flight booking 24 hours a day at any time up until when they travel on their flights. This eliminates the need for passengers to check their flight booking details and request flight booking service via the telephone or by e-mail. It reduces the time that passengers have to spent in airport check-in queues. This service provides a convenient facility to passengers in which they are provided with travel information that is relevant to their booking and it helps them plan and prepare for their travel and flight.

Make use of this useful and efficient service when traveling to ensure that you are always on top with regards to your flights details. This service is aimed at reducing the risk of passengers missing their flights or arriving late for their flight. It is there to make things easier and convenient for passengers!

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