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Direct Flights


Direct Flights in the aviation industry constitutes as any flight between two destinations by an airline with no change in flight numbers. It may include a stop at an intermediate destination but there will be no subsequent change in flight number. If there is however a change in the flight number then that flight is then referred to as a connecting flight.

The following are some of the Direct Flights destinations that are flown to from OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg to the following destinations around the world:

  • Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates: 8h 30 min via Etihad Airways
  • Abuja – Nigeria: 5h 50m via South African Airways
  • Accra – Ghana: 5h 55m via South African Airways
  • Amsterdam – Netherlands: 11h 5m via KLM
  • Antananarivo – Madagascar: 3h 10m via South African Airways
  • Atlanta – USA: 16h 10m via Delta Airlines
  • Beijing – China: 14h 5m via Air China
  • Beira – Mozambique: 1h 45m via South African Airways and LAM Mozambique Airlines
  • Blantyre – Malawi: 2h 15m via Malawian Airlines, South African Airways and Ethiopian Airlines
  • Bloemfontein – South Africa: 1 hour via South African Airways, Fly Blue Crane and CemAir
  • Brazzaville – The Republic of the Congo: 3h 50m via South African Airways and InterAir
  • Cairo – Egypt: 7h 50 min via EgyptAir
  • Cape Town – South Africa: 2h 10m via South African Airways, British Airways, Kulula, Mango Airlines and Safair
  • Dakar – Senegal: 8h 30m via South African Airways
  • Dar es Salaam – Tanzania: 3h 20m via South African Airways, Fastjet and Hahn Air Systems
  • Dubai – United Arab Emirates: 8h 5m via Emirates Airlines
  • Durban – South Africa: 1h 5m via South African Airways, Mango Airlines, British Airways, Kulula and Safair
  • Frankfurt – Germany: 10h 35m via South African Airways and Lufthansa
  • Gaborone – Botswana: 55m via South African Airways and Air Botswana
  • Harare – Zimbabwe: 1h 40m via South African Airways, Air Zimbabwe and Hahn Air Systems
  • Hong Kong: 12h 50m via South African Airways and Cathay Pacific
  • Sun City – South Africa: 35m via South African Airways
  • Windhoek – Namibia: 2h via South African Airways, Air Namibia and British Airways
  • Sydney – Australia: 11h 50m via Qantas

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