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Ethiopian Airlines


Ethiopian Airlines is the flag carrier of Ethiopia and is solely owned by the country’s government. The airline was established in 1945 and has now become one of Ethiopia’s major industries.

Ethiopian Airlines network extents to Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Middle East and Asia, connecting cities across the world. The airline became a member of Star Alliance in 2011 and serves around 89 airports. It operates over 190 daily departures and is home to over 80 aircrafts.

The carry-on luggages, as set out by the airline, are as follows:

  • Economy Class – Passengers are allowed one piece of carry-on luggage of 7kg.
  • Business Class – Passengers are allowed two pieces of carry-on luggage of 7kg each.
  • Star Alliance Gold: Business and First Class – Passenger are allowed two pieces of carry-on luggage at 8kg each.

In addition to the carry-on luggage allowance provided by the airline, each passenger may carry, without additional charges, the following carry-on items of a weight that does not exceed 5kg. These items are as follows:

  • Laptop
  • An overcoat, wrap or blanket
  • A handbag or purse
  • Reading material
  • A small camera

The maximum weight limit per single baggage is 32 kg for Business Class and 23 kg for Economy Class on all flights across the Atlantic (outbound and return, as well as transfers). Baggage exceeding this weight limit will not be accepted for check- in.

.Ethiopian Airlines offer their passengers an online check-in service in which passengers can avoid lengthy queues by confirming their travel on a flight via the internet and naturally print their own boarding passes. Online check-in is available from 36 hours to 2 hours before departure for all international flights. Passengers are able to confirm their attendance on the flight, select their seat and save valuable time. The only thing a passenger needs is an internet connection and a printer fro the boarding pass!

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