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First Class Tickets


First Class Tickets

First Class Tickets are the cream of the crop when booking a flight and can be a huge pleasure flying a long distance such as on international flights across the world. First class tickets come at a price thought, but are definitely worth it if you can afford them.

You can get top class tickets that come with various treats such as beds that you can sleep on, champagne, premier movies, charges at your seats, award winning wines, special cuisines, amazing entertainment, spacious room, premier check in service and even your own additional baggage allowance.

If you have never had first class tickets, then you just simply have to experience them. Some airlines offer more than your usual extra’s and you will never want to travel any other way once you have flown first class .

For those looking for normal flight tickets such as economy and business class, simply go to book a flight and we will be able to assist you with the option that best suits your needs.

The online booking form that we have will compare flight prices and times from many airlines flying across South Africa and the best deal will pop up on top. You can also filter the flight search by many other factors to try and narrow you search. Do not miss out on great deals and keep coming back for more.

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