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Flight Center


Flight Center

Flight Center is a common spelling mistake that people make when they are actually looking for the Australian international company Flight Centre!

The difference between Flight Center and Flight Centre is that Flight Centre is a travel agency that operates in over 12 different countries and employs over 21 000 staff worldwide. They first launched in Sydney in 1982 and has since grown to 2500 stores worldwide.

With our Flight Center you can be your own travel agent and choose your flight, book your flight and pay for your flight directly with our amazing Travelstart affiliate platform.

One of the best reasons to use us is because we cut out the middle man and put you in charge of your own bookings so there are no hidden fee’s and all of those unnecessary little extra’s that always pile up. You can easily make use of the travel portal by following a few simple steps such as selecting your date, time, airline e t c.

The general search option is a great way to compare prices and times to maximize your holidays and business trips.Footer 2