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Flight Prices


Flight Prices can vary. The prices of flights depend on the following factors:

  • The departure time of the flight. Flights are generally cheaper during less convenient departure and/or arrival time such as 5am rather than 9am.
  • The cabin class that has been chose by the passenger. Economy Class will naturally be cheaper than First Class or Business Class.
  • The destination that the passenger is travelling to. International destinations cost more than domestic flights in South Africa.
  • The type of ticket that is chosen by the passenger. A non-flexible ticket will be cheaper than a flexible ticket.
  • The baggage allowances as set out by the chosen airline
  • Whether food and drink are included in the ticket price
  • The day on which the flight is booked. If a flight is scheduled on a Monday, Friday or Sunday, then the price of that flight will be more than if it were booked on any of the other days of the week.
  • The chosen airline. Some airlines are generally more expensive than others.
  • Airline competition plays an important role in the Flight Prices. The more airlines there are, the more competition will arise and the cheaper the Flight Prices will be.
  • The time during which the flight is booked. The earlier you book your flight, the cheaper it will be. This mean that if you book your flight a day in adavnace then the Flight Prices will be significantly more than if you booked your ticket a few months in advance.

Take the above-mentioned factors into consideration when you book your next flight in order to ensure that you get the best flights at the best prices. So make sure you book your ticket with the right airline at the right time to get the best Flight Prices.

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