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Flight Simulator


Flight Simulator

A Flight Simulator is a machine that replicates a real life airplane and can be done using a combination of machinery and software programs that are designed to give you the best effects.

A flight simulator can be especially handy when training pilots for real life aviation and can also be enjoyed by the public to try and feel what it is really like to fly a plane and experience all of the little tedious things that a pilot has to go through on a daily basis.

As someone that has flown with a flight simulator we know that they are exceptionally accurate and you can even simulate bad weather, rain, and a wide range of other effects and possibilities that mother nature can throw at you.

You can also simulate various scenarios such as engine failure and loss in cabin pressure, e t c. This is a must for any aviation enthusiast and pilots have to log a high amount of theory flying hours in order to prepare themselves for the real thing.

Flight simulators can also be used on a pc and can be enjoyed by the whole family, and are pretty realistic.

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