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Flight Tracker


Flight Tracker provides people with a way in which they are able to determine the position of a particular aircraft, tracking the flight to its destination.

Most airlines in South Africa and around the world offer its passengers and other people to be able to use Flight Tracker to track the position and therefore determine the arrival time of a particular flight. Whether you are a passenger to a flight or whether you are simply dropping someone off, you can check the latest departure and arrival times of your flight.  The Flight Tracker for a flight via Kulula refreshes every 5 minutes so you are able to have the most recent and up to date information regarding a particular flight. If it so happens that the results provided by the Flight Tracker is delayed, you are able to then view the most recent and up to dare departure time that will appear below the “scheduled departure” and “scheduled arrival” heading.

When you want to make use of Flight Tracker, you will have to provide the following information:

  • The airline of the particular flight
  • The flight number
  • The departure date of the flight

FlightRadar24 is a global flight tracking service that provides you with real-time information regarding thousands of aircraft around the world. This company combines data from several data sources that include schedule and flight status databases from airlines and airports around the world. These databases include the most regular and scheduled flight, however, some of the smaller airlines and charter airlines might be missing.

FlightRadar24 uses the callsign of the flight and compare it with big databases of the airline and the airport schedules in order to find the matching flight number. With the flight number, the company is able to find and show the route of the flight.

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