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Flights to Auckland


Flights to Auckland is the best and most convenient way to travel from South Africa to New Zealand.

Auckland is the largest and most populous urban area in New Zealand. The city is known as “the city of sails” as it has more boats per capita than anywhere else in the world.

The following airlines offer Flights to Auckland from South Africa’s largest city, Johannesburg:

  • KLM
  • Cathay Pacific Airways
  • Emirates Airlines
  • Singapore Airlines

The duration of Flights to Auckland from Johannesburg are approximately 34 hours and 45 minutes. The duration of these flights may change depending on the number of stops between Johannesburg and Auckland.

Interesting facts about Auckland:

  • New Zealand does not have any dangerous or poisonous animals like Australia does.
  • Auckland is the largest Polynesian city in the world.
  • Auckland was the capital of New Zealand for 25 years from 1842-1865.
  • It only takes about 4 hours to walk from the Pacific Ocean to the Tasman Sea on the Coast-to-Coast Walkway.
  • There are about 50 volcanoes around Auckland.
  • Auckland is a very sunny and warm city. The city has sunshine around 265 days per year.
  • The maximum temperature during summer ranges between 20-30°C.
  • Even the winters in Auckland are not too bad. The city experiences an average maximum temperature ranges between 10-15°C.
  • The city is known for experiencing all four seasons in one day.
  • New Zealand has two official national anthems.
  • Auckland is ranked within the world’s top 20 most liveable cities.
  • With regards to the quality of life, Auckland currently ranks 5th amongst 218 major cities of the world.
  • The Sky Tower, situated in Auckland, is currently the tallest structure in the Southern Hemisphere.

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