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Flights to United States


Flights to United States is the best and most convenient way to travel from South Africa to the United States. It will take more than a few weeks to travel the vast states of America but the options to choose from is endless. Whether you are seeking a holiday in the Big Apple or to visit some of America’s most beautiful beaches in Miami, Florida or Savannah you will never be out of options of holiday destinations in America.

Flights to United States from South Africa are offered to the following destinations:

Flights from Johannesburg to:

  • Chicago
  • Las Vegas
  • Washington
  • Boston
  • Newark
  • Phoenix
  • Minneapolis
  • Baltimore
  • Portland
  • Salt Lake City
  • St Louis
  • Indianapolis
  • Kansas City
  • Oklahoma City
  • Louisville
  • Albuquerque
  • Wichita
  • Tucson
  • Omaha
  • Milwaukee
  • Richmond
  • Madison

The United States boasts with a variety of cultures, food and landscapes that is unique to every state. Each state also has its own set of laws and rules that is exclusive to that particular state.

Things to do in the United States of America:

  • Walt Disney World – It is an entertainment complex in Florida. It includes resort hotels, theme parks, water parks, golf courses, a camping resort and other entertainment venues.
  • Grand Canyon – It is a steep-sided canyon that is carved by the Colorado River in the State of Arizona. The Canyon is 446km long and 29km wide and has a depth of 1857m.
  • Statue of Liberty – It is a sculpture on Liberty Island in New York City Harbour. It was a gift to the United States from the people of France.
  • Golden Gate Bridge – It is a suspension bridge crossing the channel between San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean.
  • Universal Studios Hollywood – It is a film studio and theme park in the San Fernando Valley region of the city of Los Angeles, California.

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