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Flying With Pets

Flying With Pets

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Flying with pets is the easiest and most convenient way to travel with your pets. Various airlines offer your four-legged friends to travel safely with you. Although your pets won’t be accepted to travel with you in the cabin, they will still be able to travel safely from one destination to the other. Pets can travel in the cargo hold, which will have the same temperature and pressure as experienced by their owners in the passenger cabin. Pets will naturally be reunited with their owners after landing.

Flying with pets is easy but most airlines will only accept domestic animals such as dogs, cats and household birds. This means that no life stock or reptiles will be accepted.

The Pet Lounge is a travel facility that will assist you when you are Flying with pets. They are dedicated to caring for the comfort and safety of pets when traveling by air. They have dedicated Pet Lounges in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Lanseria and George. These lounges are away from general cargo, forklifts, pollution and noise. There are also separate facilities in East London and Durban that treat your pets with the utmost care and minimize their stress and yours when travelling. The Pet Lounge also accept your pets into African countries such as Namibia, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Along with accepting domestic animals, they also accommodate rabbits, tropical fish and a variety of other pets.

Large dogs are also accommodated when travelling. One must however bear in mind the dimensions of the travel crate when booking as your pet will need space to turn,

Flying with pets is the best when you want a get-away without leaving your furry friend behind.

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