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George Airport


George Airport is situated at the heart of the Western Cape’s Garden Route. It was built in 1977 and has been a successful operation ever since.  When looking to go on holiday or just a getaway, George Airport allows you to fly to all the major cities in South Africa, such as Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town. Although George Airport only serves domestic flights, a flight to Johannesburg can be taken if you want to fly internationally.

With the airport being right in the mist of the beautiful Western Cape Garden Route, you get to experience it was soon as you land in George along with the beautiful beaches of the Southern Cape.

George is widely regarded as the hub of the Southern Cape Region. It is therefore the ideal base from which to explore the Southern Cape and Little Karoo. George is highly accessible. A good road network and the George Airport link the Southern Cape and Little Karoo hinterland to the major centres of South Africa.

George has always been a popular holiday destination with its beautiful coastline and with its wide variety of golf courses; it’s the perfect place for a golf enthusiasts. Take note to inquire at the airport regarding the baggage allowances for sporting equipment such as golf bags and what the weight limits are.

Book your flight to George Airport now and experience the magic of the city with its mild Mediterranean climate all year round. This means you can go to George during any time of the year and you will be welcomed with beautiful weather, which is ideal for any visitors who want to experience the beauty of South African beaches.

Book you flight now with “Cheap Flights To” and experience one of the best airports in South Africa with its beautiful beaches.

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