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Jet is an aircraft that is propelled by jet engines (propulsion). These engines achieve maximum efficiency that is close to or even well above the speed of sound. This aircraft generally cruise at a speed at around 981km/h. This is, however, only one type. There are various other types that travel at different speeds and are used for difference purposes.

A jet airliner is an airliner that is powered by jet engines (passenger aircraft). These airliners usually have two or four jet engines. Most of the airliners today are powered by these engines as they are capable of operating safely at high speeds and it generates a thrust that is sufficient to power and propel a large-capacity aircraft. In 1950, the first airliners were introduced and these used a simpler form of turbojet engines. These were quickly replaced by turbofans, which are quieter and more fuel-efficient.

The main difference between an airplane and jet is that an airplane is a power driven vehicle which derives its aerodynamic lift from thrust which is provided by a piston whereas the other is a typical fixed wing power driven vehicles that uses jet engines for power.

These engines are very powerful and they are typically found underneath the wings of the planes. These engines operate by sucking in the air and then mixing the air with a special type of fuel that causes the air to explode. This exploding air is the released at the back of the engine and that really powerful force then pushes the plane forward.

Jets are considered to be just one type of airplane. There are also airplanes that are projected forward by propellers at the front of the plans and then there are others that are not powered at all, they just glide.

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