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Kimberley Airport


Kimberley Airport lies about six kilometres south of Kimberley, which lies at the heart of the Northern Cape. Kimberly, also known as the Diamond City, is most famous for the ‘Big Hole’, a landmark carved into the earth by early diamond prospectors. The Big Hole was literally hand-dug by people and is the size of eight football field so one can only imagine the amount of labour and hard work that went into creating the Big Hole. Kimberley also boasts with a variety of museums and tourist attractions. It is also a gateway to other Northern Cape destinations including the Mokala National Park, nature reserves and numerous game farms or hunting lodges.

Kimberly is known as being the diamond capital of the world and is quite well-known for its exquisite individually made jewellery, which offers as a precious personalised souvenir of a trip to Kimberley.

The Kimberley Airport is the site of about 15,500 air-traffic movements and handles about 132,000 passengers a year. Kimberley Airport, however, also dispatches a significant range of cargo such as things like game trophies to industrial equipment.

Kimberley Airport allows you to fly to all the major cities in South Africa, such as Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town. Although Kimberley Airport only serves domestic flights, a flight to Johannesburg can be taken if you want to fly internationally.

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