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King Shaka International Airport


King Shaka International Airport opened in May 2010. It is located 60km north of Durban and it has become the primary airport servicing Durban. This world class facility offers a wide range of features that will make your traveling experience as comfortable and pleasurable as possible.

Named after the great 19th century Zulu warrior-king, King Shaka International Airport represents a major expansion over Durban International, with huge growth potential. In 2012, King Shaka International Airport was named the third best airport in Africa in the World Airport Awards. It is also is said to be three times bigger than Durban International airport and have five times as many shops and restaurants. It has 3.7 kilometre runway that can accommodate the world’s largest aircraft, including the double-decker Airbus A380 and the passenger terminal building currently handles five million passengers annually.

King Shaka International Airport also boasts an environmental “world first” in the form of a bird radar system, which is directly linked to its control tower. The system provides real-time information on bird movements near its runway to rule out potentially hazardous situations. This is the first time that such a system has been installed at a commercial airport.

King Shaka International Airport offers the full range of banking, forex and car rental services that one would expect to find at a world-class airport, along with a wide choice of restaurants, bars and duty-free shops.

Located in Durban which is situated next to beautiful South African beaches, the airport boasts with a great ambiance that is usually found when traveling to the coast. There’s nothing better than landing after your flight and smelling the clear and soothing beach air.

Book your tickets to Durban today by clicking on the link above and experience the world class city with its world class airport!

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