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Seoul to Jeju


Flights from Seoul to Jeju is the best and most convenient way to travel from the capital city of South Korea to the capital of Jeju province of South Korea.

Seoul is the world’s 16th largest city. Jeju is situated on an island off the Korean Peninsula.

The following airlines offer flights from Seoul to Jeju:

  • Korean Air
  • Asiana Airlines

Flights from Seoul to Jeju are non-stop flights. The duration of these flights are approximately 1 hour and 5 minutes.

Things to do in Jeju:

  • Visit Jeju’s quirky and unusual museums. Jeju has a number of both serious and seemingly cheesy museums, which are bound to entertain you!
  • Visit some of the straight and off-beat Theme Parks in Jeju.
  • Experience Jeju Island’s Natural Wonders with its breath-taking seaside cliffs, impressive waterfalls and caves.
  • Experience the Ilchulbong Peak which stands around 182 metres from the sea. The sunrise seen from the peak is considered one of the most fascinating scenic views in Jeju.
  • Visit the Manjanggul Cave. It is the longest lava tube in the world. It is over 5 metres wide, 5 to 10 metres high and is over 13 kilometres long. The lava tube was formed over 205 million years ago and has been well preserved. Only about one kilometre of its total length is open to tourists and visitors.
  • Visit the Cheonjiyeon Falls which creates a splendid view of water falling from a steep cliff.
  • Experience the Hallasan Mountain which is the highest mountain in Korea and a dormant basalt volcano. On top of the mountain is a crater lake called Baengnokdam, which is about 3 kilomtres. The landscape is beautiful throughout the year and diverse and rare ecosystems can be found at different altitudes.

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