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Upington International Airport


Upington International Airport is an airport located in Upington in the Northern Cape and was formerly known as Pierre Van Ryneveld Airport. The airport has three runaways, one of which is 4,900 metres long and is also the longest civilian runway in the Southern Hemisphere as well as one of the longest in the world. It is so long, that it is one of the few runways that are capable of having a space shuttle land on it. Both the South Africa Airforce and South African Airways train their pilots at Upington International Airport in handling larger aircraft such as Boeings 747’s and 707’s.

Upington International Airport is smaller than most of the airports in South Africa and it currently operate domestic only routes in South Africa with only one airline servicing the area.

The climate in Upington is experienced as that of desert and semi-desert areas where you can expect extremely high temperatures in the summer and some rainfail that occurs in October and March. During the summer the average temperatures are between 16˚C and 40˚C. So when you are planning on a trip to Upington during the summer, make sure you have your swimsuit and sunscreen ready.

Transport is offered to and from Upington International Airport. The airport also has 59 parking bays that are offered free of charge.

The airport was voted the Best Small Airport in Africa at the ASQ Awards in 2013. It, however, only got its now known name in 1968 when the airport was revamped with a double storey building and a viewing deck and renamed to Upington Aiport.

So next time you are seeking for the hot desert weather, take a trip to Upington and experience the hotness of this small town.

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